Het opleiden van personeel dat op de één of andere manier te maken krijgt met potentieel
explosieve atmosferen is belangrijk. Enerzijds verschaft een goede training werknemers de
kennis en vaardigheden die nodig zijn om het werk veilig uit te voeren. Anderzijds helpt het
om te voldoen aan de eisen die zijn vastgelegd in prestatiegerichte voorschriften die werkgevers
en managers een algemene plicht opleggen om de veiligheid van hun werknemers te garanderen.

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Security elevator


According to statistics from the food and feed industry, tray elevators are often at the top of the list of installations where most dust explosions occur. Reason enough to consider the explosion risk and necessary measures in these types of elevators.

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Explosion -risks in laboratories: a practical elaboration


A risk that is regularly underestimated is the formation of an explosive atmosphere and the consequences after ignition. When working with flammable, volatile products, the necessary attention must be paid to this. In production plants and process equipment, this is usually done, but in many cases not in the laboratory.

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Do I need an Ex?



As explosion safety consultants, we often get the question when a component or even a whole plant needs to be ATEX certified. The purpose of this article is to indicate the legal obligations regarding equipment for installations with dust or gas explosion hazard.

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The (re)newed certificate was issued by AIB Vinçotte and is valid until June 2023.

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Acceptable Explosion Protection for Dust Filters


Given the number of technical questions raised recently by our customers, filter manufacturers and explosion experts on how to protect industrial filters, it appears there is some confusion on how to deal with acceptable explosion protection for dust filters. This document aims to present some guidelines and highlight important considerations concerning protection strategies for industrial dust filters.

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There is some confusion about the hazards of dust deposits, especially surrounding installations, within buildings.

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