Fields of Activity


ISMA can assist in the planning and execution of scientific research with regard to explosion safety, for example the investigation of the properties of products or the course of an explosion in a practical application.


Most studies relate to gas and dust explosions and investigate questions such as: where can explosive mixtures appear, what are the possible ignition sources, how will a possible explosion propagate and what are the measures needed to limit the risks to an acceptable level?


What measures are needed to make an installation explosion-proof? ISMA provides you with the answer.


Electrostatics discharges are an often-underestimated ignition source of gas and dust explosions. First off all, static discharges are not only avoided by proper earthing. There are various other discharges which require different measures. ISMA disposes of comprehensive knowledge and experience in the domain of static electricity, the causes of charging and the different kinds of discharges. ISMA also has the equipment to measure conductivity of products and items and to quantify charging levels in actual processes.


ISMA knows how to practically implement the relevant legislation in terms of explosion prevention and protection (ATEX directives 1999/92/EC and 2014/34/EU). ISMA actively contributes in workgroups that draw up European standards and participates in international groups of experts that discuss recent developments.


ISMA can help identify the cause of a fire or explosion incident to avoid similar incidents in the future.